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S56 Invitation to Comment

Tang Law is experienced in assisting clients respond to s56 requests from the Department. As such requests must be responded to in extremely tight time frames, we recommend that you do not delay in contacting us.

Character Test

A person whose visa has been refused or cancelled by a delegate under section 501 can apply to the AAT to have this decision changed. The AAT cannot review decisions made by the Minister personally, only decisions made by delegates.

PIC4020 Waiver

Department of Home Affairs might not grant you a visa (which has PIC 4020 as a criterion) for a period of ten years if you, or a member of your family unit, have a visa application refused because of a failure to satisfy us as to your identity.

3-Year Ban Waiver

A re-entry ban, also known as an exclusion period, means a person may not be able to return to Australia for up to three years. A re-entry ban may be imposed when a person breaches their visa conditions.