Visa Refusal

As experienced migration lawyers for the past 15 years, Tang Law has helped applicants with appeals and reviews in many contexts of visa cancellation and refusal.

If the Department of Home Affairs cancelled your visa or refused your application for a visa, it is usually possible to appeal or apply for review of the decision. You need to act immediately to avoid losing your right to appeal as a result of time limitation expiring. Visa refusal and cancellation appeals are handled by the Australian Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and in many cases, it is important to have legal representation to help you win the case. However, it is important not to panic in this situation and try to get the opinion of an experience migration lawyer and let them assist you in filing the visa refusal or visa cancellation appeal.

Do not forget, you need to allow adequate time for your lawyers to assess your appeal.  In filing for an appeal, there are several issues that must be considered:

  • Do you have a right to appeal the case?
  • If so, what type of reviews are you entitled to – merits review or judicial review?
  • What are your grounds of appeal?
  • Do you have sufficient evidence and does your evidence support the grounds that may be available to you?

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